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Prime Minister called for joint interest council

Prime Minister Imran Khan has called for joint interest council meeting, all four provincial ministers will attend high level meetings, including meeting water shortage, dam policy, including meeting. The meeting will be held in the meeting on the important matters of the country. Sources say that Prime Minister Imran Khan …

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India crosses all limits in Pakistan’s enmity

New Delhi (Urdu point latest newspaper, September 19, 2018): Whether politics is a field or cricket field, India always shows its traditional hit for Pakistan. Recently, Pakistan has announced to build dams to control the water scarcity of the country and this announcement has forbidden India’s lips. India has begun …

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Asif Zardari challenged the August 29 decision

Former prime minister and member of the National Assembly Asif Zardari has challenged Supreme Court verdict on August 29, Asif Zardari has already passed before the case, assets under the law are now under the law. The old details can not be asked, only details can be sought under the …

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Auction of Prime Minister House 102 Vehicles

Auction of Prime Minister’s 120 vehicles started. According to media reports, auction of 102 vehicles of Prime Minister House has started today, in which the first vehicle was launched in the Corolla-Ult 2010 model 11 lakhs 20 thousand rupees. The culprits’ success in the 11 lakhs 20 thousand rupees, the citizen who …

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