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The Chief Minister will notice the image of Punjab Hanif Abbasi

Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting (September 20, 2018) Federal Minister for Finance, Fauz Hussain Chaudhry said that the image of Hanif Abbasi will take notice of Punjab Chief Minister Nawaz Sharif will be going to jail, Hasan, Hussain and Isaac Imran Khan will not return to Delhi, if he is not named in the ECL today, all the people went to Bakhtiar and the money of corruption will be brought back.

He said in a press conference after Prime Minister Imran Khan’s presidency, Imran Khan or PTI had no personal disorder or fight. It is the government’s task to protect Pakistan’s assets. Nawaz Sharif and Mary Nawaz will continue to be in jail. Why did Nawaz Sharif be named in ECL, it would have been difficult to say that why his name was put in ECL? If they were not released in the ECL if they were released tomorrow then all of them went to Burkina.

The Chief Minister will notice the image of Punjab Hanif Abbasi

Then we would be coding them. The United States and Saudi Arabia have agreed to withdraw money. They will be bowled down in Kasis and will be sent to Quips Adela Jail. He said Hasan, Hussain and Ishaq Dar should not be allowed to be released outside the jail. They will be able to take the cubits..The Arabs are talking to Arabs, they do not know what relations between Saudi Arabia and Saudi Arabia and where they stand today.

Saudi welfare is against terrorism, how they can be in favor of corrupt person in Pakistan. Nawaz Sharif is not so important to talk about him in Saudi Arabia. Jolong says Imran Khan has dealt with him, Imran Imran does not do it..Remember Khan will not deal or relinquish. Pakistan will bring money to the people of Pakistan. He said that Nawaz Sharif will be brought back to the same place where he was a few days ago.

NAB is an independent organization, we do not do these drugs. He said Saudi Arabia’s delegation will make Pakistan Kadara in October. Saudi Arabia’s business head will come to Pakistan. Harmony prospects will stand together in Arabia and Pakistan. Prime Minister assured Pakistan with Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia stands up with Saudi Arabia Pakistan. Karachi has been talked to us for supply of water in Karachi.

He said that our journalists say that the common man has gone to the Government of God, all of them are troubled. Why did poor people go inside? If the brother has gone waste, then the air will become clean. Fadad Chaudhary said Afghani and Bangladeshi people talk about giving encouragement. Fawad Chaudhary said on the picture of Hanif Abbasi in jail that hopefully Chief Minister Punjab will take the turnout. He said Saudi Arabia has invited a partnership in Kosovo. Our third component in Si Pack will be Saudi Arabia. He said neighbors can not be transformed. There has been a positive response from India.

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