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Prime Minister called for joint interest council

Prime Minister Imran Khan has called for joint interest council meeting, all four provincial ministers will attend high level meetings, including meeting water shortage, dam policy, including meeting.

The meeting will be held in the meeting on the important matters of the country. Sources say that Prime Minister Imran Khan Kalabagh Dam, try to remove the problems of the people and the other important matters including dams, water scarcity, will try to make reconciliation between the people.

The main government projects will be taken into account. According to sources, Prime Minister Imran Khan has summoned a meeting of the Somewhat Interest Council.

Prime Minister called for joint interest council

In the meeting, four provincial ministers will attend high officials including high, mineral finance, the Supreme Court has issued a detailed verdict on the construction of Mir Bhasha and Mohmand Dam immediately after specifying the constitutional petition for the construction of Kala Bagh Dam. .

It has been clarified that the construction work of both the dams should be processed and implemented in the joint interest council decisions regarding the Kalanga Bagh Dam. Who decided to take up the construction of Kalabagh dam on September 16, 1991 and May 9, 1998, which was not implemented till the end. 26th issued issue to Mengal has been written by Chief Justice Mian Saqib Nisar in which Feroz Shahbaz Gilani case has also been referred to in Lahore High Court’s 2013 verdict in which the federal government has been working on the decisions of common interests council under Article 154, and by removing concerns about the Kalabagh Dam with good faith. Has been directed.

The Supreme Court has stated in its verdict that water is the essential part of the right of life and as the basic human rights, the court has the authority to protect and apply because the court is the guardian of the constitution and the principal of the rights. According to the situation, when the country feels like situation like dementia, in such a case, people should be able to forget their minor differences in the situation, and should be one of the common interests of the construction of dams, the eminent Pakistan is a federation which consists of four provinces.

The prosperity of Pakistan and the future of new generations should be constructed by Kalabagh Dam. It is further stated that joint interest related to Kalabagh Dam was not implemented on the Council’s decisions, joint interest council on September 16, 1991. The decision was made to construct Kalabagh dam, the second decision was made on May 9, 1998 in favor of Kalabagh dam.

Therefore, the Federal Government Article 154 should remove the concerns regarding the implementation of the Kalabagh dam with the implementation and sincerity of the decisions, and eliminate the differences between the Kalabagh Dam in the provincial interest, and the decision has been added Due to lack of dams, the country’s shortfall is facing shortage, due to lack of dams, the country has to face flood every year, the first fibelities report of Kalabagh dam was made in 1956, while local and international Experts also have called Kalabagh Dam to be the best plan, with which Jolog opposes Kalabagh dam, their concerns are misunderstanding.

Water supply in urban areas should be provided by municipal authorities, water should be used for water supply or industrial requirement after the treatment of industries before water eradication, the cost of water for each user should be specified. . With this, sharking will not only get underground water under water, but also climate change will be reduced, bypassing the water of water and being used.
This water can also be used for farming in the rural areas, while rainwater can be used in urban areas, irrigated gardens and can be used in toilets. The decision further states that the capacity of relevant institutions can be increased by promoting water scarcity and culture of cooperation. Water shortage can be done by increasing the capacity of relevant institutions and promoting culture of cooperation in this matter.

The decision has been said to provide awareness to the people of water and to bring water to the people with water, protection, and use of minimal water to wash the vehicles. The court directed the Federal and provincial governments to take short and long-term measures to overcome the shortages of water, and explained that the federal and provincial governments should immediately implement the water policy.

We can bring the country out of this crisis with this crisis, let us all come together and realize the significance of water, feel instantly of water importance, it will be late. According to the view, according to the Diamir Bhasha Dam and Mohmandium Construction is a national matter. Both dams should be built for the benefit of citizens. The decision further states that the dam of DAM funds will be ensured to spend on construction of dams.

It will be ensured that fund distribution committee will be set up for the better and efficient utilization of funds, there is no misuse or disadvantages of the dam funds, daim funds will be deducted from donation tax. For fund funds The payment committee will be certified and approved, payment releases for the dam will be issued by the Registrar Supreme Court,

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