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India crosses all limits in Pakistan’s enmity

New Delhi (Urdu point latest newspaper, September 19, 2018): Whether politics is a field or cricket field, India always shows its traditional hit for Pakistan. Recently, Pakistan has announced to build dams to control the water scarcity of the country and this announcement has forbidden India’s lips. India has begun to apply UNO against the construction of Bhasha Dam while crossing all limits in Pakistan’s enmity.

According to the media report, India has prepared to apply against the construction of Bhasha Dam in the UNO, this stand will be decided in the case that Dam’s victims have contacted India to become a dam. They will be damaged and help us to stop this dam.

Sources say India’s homework has been completed regarding application of UNO against Bhasha Dam.

The support of the inner forces of Pakistan has to be achieved, the top political parties will get rid of this dam and in which way it will be controversial so that the resolution presented in the UNO is correct Can be proved Sources say that India’s team has started working on this diplomatic level on this issue, and sources of anti-Pakistan countries have started working on making global pressure by trusting it.

Bihar sources say that there is huge funding to various groups who oppose the dams in India and there has also been a meeting in Singapore, in which some people from Pakistan were also called and also Bhasha Dam has been targeted for making controversy. Many people in relation to many areas coming to Bhasha Dam have been prepared with the blessings of India that they should also apply for themselves in the World Court in the UN, and India will stand behind all these things.

On the other hand, Pakistan has also started preparing to deal with this conspiracy at the diplomatic level. According to political analysts and defense analysts, India can never see Pakistan progress and solve its problems, that is why India has started such an experiment now.

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