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The Court Ordered The Investigation of DPO Pakpantan Exchange Case

The Supreme Court has again heard of DPO Pakpatan case. The Chief Justice of Punjab Mian Sardar Usman Bukhari, who was present in the Supreme Court, called on the Chief Justice on Roastrum. Chief Justice said that now all the contacts will be opened now. Are you advising the people and the people of Balochistan? “Sardar Usman Bukhdar responded that the police are trying to make the police non-political.

Three days after becoming the Chief Minister, the matter came to notice, I told RPO that I should not put any political pressure into the friendly environment. How to run such a big province? The Chief Justice said that Khalid Laksh should investigate this matter.

This is the problem of rule of law. Punjab Chief Minister said that at that time I was in Islamabad and I wanted to meet officers.

The officers told the daughters that they are happy, review the matter themselves. I asked the officers about the situation and refused to accept their own tea, the Chief Justice said why did Ahsan Jamil Gujjar join the meeting to meet the officers? Tell the truth the truth was to suspend DPO at 10 o’clock? I will forgive you if you tell me the truth. I was facing an injustice in the court and he apologized.

Addressing the IG Kalam Imam, the Chief Justice said that under the law which Ahsan Jamil became Guardian. Please explain me the Guardian law. According to the Punjab Kalam Imam, the apex court demanded an apology against the accused. When the court has ordered the re-investigation of Pakpotan case..The ruling has ordered DIG Khalid Dad Lak to submit a report in 15 days.

The Chief Justice has ordered the Chief Minister to take further care of the Chief Minister. In his case, Ahsan Jamil Gujjar had also reached the Supreme Court in DPO Paktapan exchange case. Al-Qaida asked him that he was stuck to Punjab. ? Yes, Ahsan Jamil Gujjar replied that no one was caught in trouble because of me. I am not a MPA nor am an MAA. I was so impatient. And when the Chief Minister Punjab Sardar Usman Bukhar, asked the question that you had introduced Ahsan Jamil Gujr to his brother, so the Chief Minister replied that I have brothers.

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