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Preparations for establishing Sindh Cardiology Authority

The preparations were made for setting up Sindh Institute of Cardiology Authority for the first time to provide medical equipment to the Manipur Company and to establish a monopoly on the diseases of the diseases in the state.

Dr. Nadeem Qamarki, executive director of the National Institute of Medical Sciences (NAB), has been present in the form of a summary (draft) for the establishment of authority, but the ministry has expressed reservations on the proposed draft.

Dr. Nadeem Qamar, executive director of the National Institute of Health for the Diseases of Health, has provided medical equipment to his hospital to the other hospitals, including Kaushal-e-Iqbal, to get medical supplies from the same company for which they have started surgery. Dr. Nadeem Qamar proposed draft After taking a meeting with Sindh Minister of Health, Dr. Avra ​​Chhattisgarh, there was also a major member of the National Institutes of Immunization Club.

It is learned that after the approval of the proposed draft of the Dr. Nadeem Qamartset tutor of cardiovascular authority, the Draft seeks to accept the draft in the form of bill, is also proposed to be appointed as the head of the authority in the proposed draft.

Sources say that the ministry expressed serious reservations on the proposed draft. Dr. Nadeem Qamar’s close source says that he has been constituting the proposed authority to the leadership of the PPP, to ensure that the healthcare facilities are proposed. After which the draft will be approved by the law of law and will be presented in the Sindh Assembly as a bill and after the appointment Dr. Nadeem Qamar himself becomes the head of this authority.

Most important sources say that Dr. Nadeem Qamar is keen to do the monitoring of surveillance surveillance of diseases in the hospital in Sindh, and he has also contacted the PPP leadership.

Meanwhile, National Institutes of Health Department has been buying specialized medical equipment used in the diagnosis and treatment of heart diseases from the same specific and non-liked company, which includes other kits including stunts used in incoplasty.

Sources say that the National Institution is being purchased as well as non-precious valuables in the diseases of the disease. Sources say that the specific company of Kaushne and the company of the company used to establish Sindh Institute of Cardiovascular Authority for use in other hospital hospitals. Want to be head

It is clear that Dr. Nadeem Qamar has completed his term on May 9, 2018, but former government Sindh May 10 appointed him as the Executive Director of the hospital, after which he is also receiving pension and retirement status of hospital as executive director.

The other administrative officials of the hospital say that Dr. Nadeem Qamarqui has been reversed against the orders of the Supreme Court in the hospital, Dr. Nadeem Qamar is the brother of Naveed Qamar, leader of the PPP, who is a member of the National Assembly.

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