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During his visit to Chinese Foreign Minister his political and military leadership was extremely successful

Beijing. (UrduPoint Newspaper, September 17, 2018) During the visit of Pakistan’s political and military leadership on the visit of China’s Foreign Minister last week of the Foreign Minister’s visit to China, his international affairs’ defense talks with Defense The tour has been extremely successful, this visit will help to bring bilateral relations between the two countries to the new heights.

According to an article hidden in the International Times Global Times, Pakistan and China are becoming more important for each other in a rapidly changing global situation, with regard to international political and geographical issues, China also has two bilateral cooperation.

During his visit to Chinese Foreign Minister his political and military leadership was extremely successful.

Is. According to the article, the Chinese government decided to contact the new elected government of Pakistan and in this regard, China Foreign Minister Wang Zhi visited Pakistan last week with a high level delegation and during his visit The President was accompanied by Prime Minister and other senior officials including PML-Chief, who were promoted to extend further cooperation to international security and security of the region.

During the visit of Chinese Foreign Minister, Afghanistan’s situation was also discussed, which is of primary importance, because the peace situation in Afghanistan can be improved by peace in the region. It also expects the stability and development of Afghanistan on this occasion. It is believed that China’s international plans are essential for security. According to the article, China is already working on several projects under close-friendly relationship with Pakistan.

Despite significant achievements and measures in the fight against terrorism, Pakistan has faced many problems from America, and on the other hand China has always fully supported Pakistan’s operations against terrorism. China’s Foreign Minister visits Pakistan during his visit Pakistan appreciates the effective efforts for peace and security of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

While expressing solidarity with Pakistan, he expressed his views on various occasions during his visit and said that Pakistan and China are the best friends’ best partners and best neighbors. They also reiterated the commitment that China Regarding the Pakistani policy of international policy and international affairs, will continue to support Pakistan’s vision.

He said Pakistan is China’s friendship. On the occasion of the visit, it was also agreed to increase bilateral cooperation in various fields in which defense cooperation “strategic partnership and communication sectors are of primary importance. According to the article, the newly elected government of Pakistan is finalizing the strategy for achieving its development goals. China’s Foreign Minister has said that Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan will be fully supported by the end of poverty and other development policies.

During negotiations, there was also a discussion on balance of mutual trade. According to the article, the next Chennai International Import Expo (CIE) will help Pakistan to boost exports to China, which will bring Pakistani exporters more access to Chinese markets and to double trade Will be balanced.
He said that Pakistan’s participation in the exhibition will be honored for us and will also be useful for Pakistan. According to the memoirs, Prime Minister Imran Khan will visit China in November on the invitation given by the Chinese government. The possibility of organizing IIE is expected to be held, while the progress on China’s Pakistan Economic Radar project will also be reviewed.

On the occasion of the Chinese visit to Pakistan, Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi assured him that the C-Pak government is Pakistan’s first priority, which will help Pakistan’s social and economic development, and this major project also issues the problems of Pakistan as well. As per the end, the promotion of industrial sector production and the development of international economic contacts will help.

The article states that in the context of international conspiracy regarding the C-pack, a neutral and false interview by the Pakistani advisor last week was published in Western media so that concerns about the CP and BRI project However, a detailed statement issued by the Pakistani authorities on this issue was issued immediately, while China also declared these reports unmatched and misconnected and said that Pakistan and China relations were more stable over time. And the governments of both the countries have their own strategic relations despite the changes in the global situation There are activities to further strengthen.

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