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Children’s heart surgery unit plans to be oblivious

The scheme was approved in the health department’s annual development scheme at the time of this project of Rs 1.7 billion, then the government’s negligent unusual attention to the project was 2.6 billion.

Former Chief Minister Sindh Syed Sattar Ali Shah placed a regular foundation for the project in the National Institute of Health, in 2013, but Dr. Nadeem Qamar, the current executives of the hospital, took care of the hospital as soon as possible to change the child’s treatment plan.

Children’s heart surgery unit plans to be oblivious

The 5-story residential building of doctors kept a re-foundation of the project, but after passing 5 years, the treatment of children’s heart was also refreshed in the construction stages due to its solid and alleged transactions.

In the early stages of the construction of Public Meteorological Project in KARACHI, he expressed satisfaction, construction work was started at the former Secretary of Health Fazlullah Pacha, the sources responsible for the hospital say that the survivors The heart-treatment hospital was dumped, construction of the project was started in 2016.

Sources said that the scheme was started with a budget of Rs 2 billion, but some time later consultants were changed while the government Sindh Project Project Syed Tanveer Hussein said.

It is said that due to lack of coordination and harmony in the consultant and project director, the project has suffered a loss of rupees, reports of alleged flooding and commissioning of crores rupees are being received in the initial construction of the project.

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