Wednesday , August 16 2017

Charlie Gard’s Parents Storm Out Of U.K. Courtroom

The parents of a baby with a rare disease returned to a court in London on Thursday, hoping for a fresh analysis of their wish to take the critically-ill child to the United States for medical treatment. Charlie Gard’s parents disagree with Britain’s most famous children’s hospital on how best to care …

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Google ducks $1.27bn bill for back taxes in France

A French court handed Google’s parent company, Alphabet, a reprieve from a 1.11bn-euro ($1.27bn) tax bill on Wednesday in a major victory for the tech giant. The decision comes after six years of fighting with the French tax authority over back taxes it claims are due from the tech firm for …

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What should I consider when buying a laptop for university?

This is a common question every summer, so a broad reply might help a few people. There are lots of things to consider, including course requirements, the usage scenario (portability, ergonomics etc), the user’s previous experience, support and backup strategies and your budget. In most cases, a laptop will be …

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